Production - Gravitational casting of aluminum

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Cockil casting is a permanent form of casting. As the thermal conductivity of the molds is higher than that of the sand casting, the casting is solidified during rapid heat dissipation. This results in a modified crystallization mode that increases the hardness, reduces the grain size and increases the strength of the castings.

The most commonly used alloys are:
• AlSi7Mg0,7 • AlSi10Mg • AlSi12Cu • AlSi12
The alloy is prepared by the process of degassing and modification. The castings are subsequently cleaned by casting and, if necessary, sanded or heat treated. The maximum weight of the cast is approx. 20 kg.

Casting is performed on the following foundry machines:
• GKL molding machine (800 x 800 clamping plate size) with four cylinders,
• GKL molding machine (400 x 400 clamping plate size) with two cylinders.

With technology and knowledge backed by 40 years of experience, we can embark on casting projects with various casting processes that are perfectly tailored to the goals of the client's product or semi-finished product plans. The modern foundry equipment enables optimized production time, competitiveness and flexibility to customers. All ordered products or semi-finished products are manufactured in accordance with all standards and regulations and in full accordance with the plans and specifications of the clients.

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