Production of foundry models

With tradition we achieved quality



In more than 40 years of our foundry business, we have gained enough experience to provide expert advice on your decisions and orders. With the help of proven subcontractors we can offer our clients low-cost and fast solutions for the production of foundry models and molding tools.

Foundry models are made with different materials (wood, mediapan, plastics, styrofoam ...) as standalone models for smaller orders or as models on the foundry plate for larger orders. With the help of modern computer equipment, we produce a variety of tools based on a 2D drawing, 3D computer model or an existing object.

We provide the construction of casting tools with casting production and customer support on our own, and the production of tools is ensured in cooperation with our selected business partners.

With technology and knowledge backed by 40 years of experience, we can embark on casting projects with various casting processes that are perfectly tailored to the goals of the client's product or semi-finished product plans. The modern foundry equipment enables optimized production time, competitiveness and flexibility to customers. All ordered products or semi-finished products are manufactured in accordance with all standards and regulations and in full accordance with the plans and specifications of the clients.

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